Doctors could not inject Mumtaz’s left hand, was hospitalized due to this disease.

Many beautiful women ruled Bollywood in the 1960s, including veteran actress Mumtaz. He has collaborated with a number of Bollywood stars from that era, including Rajesh Khanna, Shammi Kapoor, Amitabh Bachchan, Dharmendra, Jitendra, and Dev Anand. In most of these, he has collaborated with Rajesh Khanna, with whom he has a good rapport.

Mumtaz has been in a number of popular films over her career, and she remains unconcerned about her identity today. Mumtaz was a well-known actress during her time. Meanwhile, there have been some health-related updates. Mumtaz was taken to Mumbai’s Breach Candy Hospital for the past two weeks and has since returned home, where she also updated her admirers on her condition. According to reports, Mumtaz was brought to the hospital with a stomach ailment.

He has, however, been released from the hospital. Mumtaz’s health is stated to be fine at the moment. Mumtaz also described the agony she had 25 years ago, which prevented the doctor from injecting into her left hand. Mumtaz, who is 74 years old, has irritable bowel syndrome and colitis, which is a sort of diarrheal disease. “Even taking these medicines does not cure anything,” the actress said. He had to be admitted to the hospital as a result of this.

“Doctor Firoz Soonawalla assisted in getting her admitted to Breach Candy Hospital, which is roughly 10 kilometres from her Colaba apartment,” Mumtaz said. In addition, the actress commended the hospital and all of its employees, noting that “everyone treated her extremely nicely.” “Before I go any further, I should thank him,” he remarked. The doctor, who treated her at the hospital, was honored by the actress.

My skin is really delicate, and I was kept on drip for a week, “Mumtaz said.” Because I had breast cancer 25 years ago and had my lymph nodes removed, I could only apply the drip with my right hand; I couldn’t use my left hand for this. “My spouse, Mayur Madhvani, is in the United States, and after learning about my health, he started traveling to India, but I stopped him,” the actress added. He remarked, “I am fortunate that he loves me so much.”

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