KGF 2 crosses 300 crores in Hindi, ‘Monster’ created an outcry after earning 883 crores in last 11 days

Kannada superstar Yash’s magnetism is driving his admirers insane. On its eleventh day, KGF 2 has also done well at the box office. In India, the Hindi version of the film grossed more than 300 crores.This amount has already surpassed 883 crores on a global scale.

KGF 2, starring Superstar Yash, continues to do well at the box office. In its second weekend, the Hindi version of the film did exceptionally well, grossing Rs. 52 crore. The film has received such widespread acclaim that the Hindi version alone has grossed more than Rs 300 crore in just two weeks. The film is expected to fare well in the next few days as well.

The Hindi version has gotten a lot of attention.

According to, on the 11th day of release, Sunday 24 April 2022, the Hindi version of KGF 2 grossed Rs 23 crore. As a result, the film has surpassed the Rs 300 crore barrier, grossing Rs 314 crore so far. The most important fact is that this figure only applies to the Hindi version of the film.

So far, how much have you made?

In terms of global earnings, KGF 2 has raked in roughly Rs 883.56 crore so far. On Sunday, April 24th, the film grossed Rs 64.83 crore. The film is also doing well in other languages besides Hindi. The movie has grossed 7 crores in Kannada, 5 crores in Telugu, 8.20 crores in Tamil, and 3.50 crores in Malayalam so far. The film has grossed more than Rs. 622 crore in India alone.

Will you be able to make more money now?

Because Tiger Shroff’s film “Heropanti 2” and Amitabh Bachchan and Ajay Devgan’s film “Runway 34” were both released on Friday, it is expected that the Hindi version of the film will make more. Apart from that, people’s tastes are migrating away from Bollywood films and toward South Asian cinema. Prior to KGF 2, the Hindi films Pushpa and RRR grossed a lot of money.

Hindi version of KGF 2 did business like this
Day 1, Thursday, April 14 – Rs 53.95 crore
Day 2, Friday, April 15 – Rs 45.50 crore

Day 3, Saturday, April 16 – Rs 40.50 crore

Day 4, Sunday, April 17 – Rs 50.00 crore

Day 5, Monday, April 18 – Rs 25.57 crore

Day 6, Tuesday, April 19 – Rs 19 crore

Day 7, Wednesday, April 20 – Rs 16 crore

Day 8, Thursday, April 21 – Rs 13.25 crore

Day 9, Friday, April 22 – Rs 11.56 crore

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