Mira Rajput Kapoor was crying when she saw the picture of Jersey

The release date for “Jersey” has shifted several times. As a result, Shahid Kapoor, the film’s protagonist, was disappointed. On Friday, the Hindi adaptation of the superhit Telugu film will hit theaters. Jersey was also the name of the Telugu film. At the start of an interview with Shahid Kapoor at Mehboob Studios in Mumbai, the topic of the film’s release came up.

Shahid exhaled a sigh of relief and stated, “Finally, the jersey is being revealed,” at the start of an interview with some Indian local media representatives. It was so difficult to wait that it didn’t matter if my lips were torn throughout the filming. ‘It was even stitched. ‘

“Jersey” is the title of the painting. This is why his favorite jersey was mentioned. “I didn’t have a shirt when I was on the school cricket team,” Shahid explained. However, I had a custom jersey designed to look like the Indian squad that won the 2011 Cricket World Cup.

He was most recently seen in Kabir Singh, a Hindi version of the Telugu film Arjun Reddy. He is back in a remake film after “Kabir Singh.” “At first, I was hesitant,” Shahid stated when the topic was brought up. I didn’t want to work on two remakes in a row. Jersey’s story left a lasting impression on me. The narrative of a person who never gives up in life. I might be able to recognize myself in this image.

Cricket, and love. He added with a smile, “I was quite bad at home as a child, but I was shy in school,” he added, with a smile, recalling his childhood as a martyr. As a result, I didn’t have any schoolmates because I couldn’t get along with anyone. ‘

Shahid responded, “Who is a special friend in the Bollywood industry?” “No one, however, has yet to become a special buddy.”

Shahid Kapoor co-starred in the film “Jersey” with his father, Pankaj Kapoor. Shahid expressed his feelings for his father by saying, “My father has always taught me something. However, the production of this picture took a long time.

So this time I learned a lot from my father. ‘

According to Pankaj Kapoor, he expressed his admiration for actor Shahid Kapoor by saying, “According to my father, I have never been a decent actor before.” However, this is likely to change with time. Now I’ve passed my father’s examination.

The specifics of Shahid and Mira’s blissful marriage came out during a conversation on Baishakhi afternoon. In the end, who will emerge victorious? Shahid remarked, laughing hysterically, “What is the most significant distinction between men and women, as far as you are aware?” Everything sticks in the minds of girls. The lads, on the other hand, are completely unconcerned. Mira is my constant opponent. Meera claims I spoke to her on that particular day. Then I tell Mira that I have no recollection of what happened. I have to accept it even if he fabricates a new story. ‘

Shahid had this to say about Mira’s performance: “She isn’t interested in acting, I believe.” However, he is capable of responding to this inquiry. I’m not sure how I’m going to persuade her. Meera was said to have wept after seeing the movie “Jersey”.

Actually, this photo reminded Meera of my days of suffering, “Sahid continued.” because I had a string of box office disasters following our marriage. Then he noticed how I turned around. This photograph exemplifies a wonderful father-son bond. Mira and her father have a terrific relationship. So he’d have to look for his father somewhere. In general, he was emotional. ‘

“I had a lovely time under lockdown in my birthplace, Punjab, with my wife and children,” the Bollywood superstar remarked, in reference to how he spent two years in lockdown. Away from the realm of performing and movies, I was on another planet. And this time, I made an effort to find joy in the small things. which is crucial for a performer. In Lockdown, I uncovered a new realm. I tended to the garden with my own hands during this period. Besides, I used to help around the house with minor tasks. ‘

At the conclusion of the conversation, the topics of success and failure are discussed. “I have various options in life,” Shahid continued. I am grateful to the viewers for giving me another chance after seeing my poor photographs. If the photo is taken, I tell myself that I need to improve. And if the film fails, I declare that I am the best. Previously, however, I would receive proposals for the same character over and over again. Now I get to work with personalities who have a wide range of tastes. I’m more confident than I’ve ever been.’

Shahid joked about how he celebrated the film’s success, saying, “Do nothing.” Following the release of the photograph, I spent time in bed, sitting, relaxing, doing whatever I wanted, and eating whatever I wanted.

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