Raveena Tandon has leveled accusations at Bollywood producers and artists.

Bollywood films are unable to compete in any way with South Indian films. Following the success of ‘Bahubali,’ ‘Pushpa,’ ‘RRR,’ and ‘KGF-2,’ the cinema industry in India has been surprised by the success of ‘Pushpa,’ ‘RRR,’ and ‘KGF-2.’ However, Bollywood films were once the first and most popular attraction for viewers in India and other countries. However, the glory of South Indian cinema continues.

Ravina Tandon, an actress, has made accusations against Bollywood producers and artists.

He says, “Bollywood is drowning while attempting to emulate Hollywood films.” The masses do not appreciate the people’s slavish copying of Hollywood. South Indian films, on the other hand, are based on local stories. In those flicks, the audience is able to immerse themselves in the tale. This is the key to Southern photography’s success. That is why, rather than emulating the Vin Desis, Bollywood producers and artists must prioritize native storytelling.

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