That is why Kangana stays away from Bollywood’s ‘Khan’ and ‘Kumar’

Kangana Ranaut, a Bollywood actress, prefers to speak her mind. So many people talk about the many difficulties. Although there have been several discussions and criticisms about his personal life and comments, no complaints or concerns have been made about his performance. In Bollywood, no one can deny that she is a talented actor. That is why his performance outside of the debate has been praised by many.

In the upcoming action film “Dhakar,” Kangana Ranaut will star. The trailer for this film was released just a few days ago. He’ll be seen in an action-packed part in this film.

Kangana Ranaut has become a talking point as a result of this film. In the trailer’s opening ceremony, Marlene stabbed the great stars of Bollywood, Khan and Kumara, who are in the trailer.

Kangana Ranaut added during the event, according to Bollywood News, that she has reached a point in her career when she can take large chances if she wants to and reject the A-lister film outright.

Since I’ve rejected so many male-centric projects, I have a few fewer points on my part, “Kangana said. There are Khan or Kumar-centric films, as well as other big-hero films; everyone looked at me as if I was squandering my life. However, if you have a vision for the future and no one else has, people will assume there is something wrong with you.

“I’ve always believed that this day may happen,” Kangana added. “It wasn’t planned, but I had a vision.”

Kangana, on the other hand, believes she didn’t want to do it alone. His assets include people like producer Deepak Mukut and director Rajneesh Ghai. She went on to say that the world is ready for women to lead.

Kangana Ranaut’s much-anticipated film “Dhakar” has received a trailer. Arjun Rampal and Divya Dutt also star in the film. On May 20, 2022, the film will be released.

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