In the Korean Wave drama craze. Domestic producers expand their territory abroad.

Thanks to the Korean wave of dramas, Korean production companies are setting up production bases in the United States and Japan and targeting local markets. As Korean dramas became popular in the global market, intellectual property (IP) exports in the form of exporting completed content or reorganizing (remake) of the original have increased rapidly, and now producers are actively planning and developing TV series locally. overseas expansion is expanding. In particular, it is also positive that online video service (OTT) companies such as Netflix, Apple TV Plus, and Disney Plus, which are immersed in the competition to secure content due to global expansion, are actively securing the broadcasting rights of Korean dramas.

Studio Dragon, a drama production company, has decided to organize a 10-episode drama based on the novel ‘The Big Door Prize’ by MO Walsh on Apple TV Plus and is currently producing it in the United States.

‘The Big Door Prize’ is a work depicting the story unfolding in a small town called Deerfield when a machine that reveals the potential of life for $2 appears. It shows the crises of life that villagers experience by exchanging jobs or possessions with people around them as they learn about their special future through machines. Chris O’Dowd of Netflix’s ‘Lily and the Starling’ stars in the lead role.

This work is having an impact on the Korean content industry in that it is the first Korean production company to produce directly in the US market. In 2020, Studio Dragon partnered with the American drama production company ‘Skydance Media’ to establish a production base in the United States and decided to produce this work.

The main scenes of the work that Studio Dragon is currently pursuing to produce a drama overseas with its intellectual property (IP). ‘Hotel Del Luna’. [Photo courtesy of Studio Dragon]
picture explanationThe main scenes of the work that Studio Dragon is currently pursuing to produce a drama overseas with its intellectual property (IP). ‘Hotel Del Luna’. [Photo courtesy of Studio Dragon]
Studio Dragon explained, “It is a work that is highly likely to be expanded to a season system in the future. In addition, ‘Crash Landing on You’, ‘Hotel Del Luna’, ‘Oh My Ghostess’ and ‘Bad Guys’, which were popular in Korea, are also planned to be produced in local versions.

Park Hyun, head of global business at Studio Dragon, said, “There are about 20 works that are being jointly planned and developed with world-class production companies through Skydance Media. It is expected that the ripple effect will be large in that it can improve the perfection of the work by thoroughly verifying it in terms of how much it takes, and if it gains popularity in North America, it will increase its recognition in other regions and countries.”

SLL (formerly JTBC Studio) acquired American content production company WIIP in May of last year and completed preparations for direct production in North America. Founded in 2018, Whip has produced high-quality works such as Apple TV Plus ‘Dickinson’ and HBO Max’s ‘Mare of East Town’. It is expected that content supply negotiations with local OTT companies such as Netflix and Amazon will become easier based on the local network in the United States.

SLL is collaborating with Kakao Entertainment, which has the IP of the webtoon ‘Itaewon Class’, to reconstruct it in Japan.

Previously, Korean producers have been laying the groundwork for direct overseas production by selling the IP of the original drama, which was popular in Korea, to the United States. ‘Good Doctor’ (2013) and ‘God’s Gift 14 Days’ (2014, US work titled ‘Somewhere Between’) were aired on ABC Channel in the US, and the movie ‘Snowpiercer’ was a 3-season drama on TNT in the US. was made with

The movie ‘Parasite’, which swept the American Academy Awards in 2020 and received local attention, is being produced as a drama through HBO, which has secured the copyright. The movie ‘The Villain’ is also being produced as a drama series with the participation of Amazon, which has secured the rights to the film, and Skybound, the producer of the drama ‘The Walking Dead’.

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