Mark Wahlberg Says He’ll Probably Leave Hollywood

Today or tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. Mark Wahlberg is leaving Hollywood. The star said in a recent interview. But so soon? Age is only 50. He had much more to give.

It is no longer possible for Mark to continue working for months on end. It has a bad effect on the family. What will happen to the wife and four children if they are constantly shooting? Some of the children are 18, 18, 13; Someone else 12. “If you really want me on screen, bring something special,” Wahlberg said. There is no benefit in leaving home and leaving children behind. You have to accept a lot of sacrifices and give time to all this. ‘

Mark is currently promoting a movie called Father Stu. This biographical film shows how a boxer became a Catholic priest. “I think it’s a new chapter in my life,” said Walberg. From now on, I want to do things that are really useful, that will help people. I will pay more attention to these works. But I will not just read about faith-based content. I will do something that will show people the way. Hopefully, this movie will open a new door not only for me, but for many in Hollywood. ‘

If Mark’s words are true, then the creators need to find something meaningful for him. Otherwise he will leave Hollywood. Everyone will miss him then! .

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