Why does Hollywood singer Katy Perry get a Sanskrit tattoo on her hand and what does it mean?

Why does Hollywood singer Katy Perry get a Sanskrit tattoo on her hand and what does it mean?.American singer Katy Perry is world famous for her strong voice and great looks. People are crazy about her cool style. His songs are widely listened to and appreciated. Her fans are not only overseas but also in a big country like India. His songs are also widely heard in the country. Katy Perry often creates a ruckus as soon as she takes the stage. His style is very popular with fans. Moreover, he is also a lover of social networks.
She often likes to share her beautiful photo videos with her fans. Apart from that, she is also known for her tattoos. Although all of Carrie Perry’s tattoos are very attractive, one of her tattoos is different and also special. In fact, this Katy tattoo is written in Sanskrit. Katy has the “Anugachati Pravah” tattoo in Sanskrit on her right hand, which she has been wearing for many years, but her tattooed picture is definitely going viral. It means ‘go with the flow’.
What’s special is that Katy’s ex-husband, Russell Brand, also has the exact same tattoo. In fact, when Katie married Russell, he got the same bean tattoo as her. He has a special tattoo artist, who does all his tattoos. It is said that this tattoo was also done by the same artist. You are told that aside from that, Katy’s ex-husband brand has done many religious tattoos on her body. Katy Perry often shares her photos and videos.
Thousands of people comment on his post. He has over 157 million followers on Instagram. At the same time, a while back, Katy was also the victim of an oops moment. She was performing on American Idol. Meanwhile, while dancing to the song, Katy Perry’s pants ripped in the back, but she didn’t panic, instead she asked a crew member for the tape and stuck the yellow tape on the torn area of ​​his pants and continued. with performance.

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