Beast Movie 2022 : Beast Movie Review & Story in English | Story of Best movie 2022 in English.

Thalapathy Vijay’s new beast movie 2022 impressed people.

Beast movie will premiere today i.e. on April 13. If you also want to get your praise before watching Best Movie 2022 or want to know more about this film then read this article till the end. Hello friends! If you want to watch Beast movie or want to review it before watching this movie, then you can read or watch his story and review of Beast movie in today’s Inshortnews post. Just a few days ago the trailer of the Beast movie was also released. Apart from writing an article for you about it, we have also given you the official trailer of this trailer. And a few days ago, when the song Malma Peeth Peeth De was released, people released a lot on this song, so the trend of this song increased a lot.
Actually, when someone cries while watching a movie, people want to know whether he should watch it or not. To let these people know if this new movie is worth watching or not. Or should they watch this movie or not? That’s why these people want to get the first review of the new film. And Inshort News team always tries to give correct information to its audience. So without wasting any time let’s start reviewing the best movie and story in today’s post.

Before telling Beast Movie Review:

You should know that the hero of this film is played by South’s superstar Thalapathy Vijay. And Pooja Hegde also stars in this film. In the opinion of InshortNews, if you are planning to book Beast movie tickets, then you must first read Beast movie review and story carefully.

Beast is a pan-India film which was also released in English as “Raw”. In the film, he will be seen as Thalapathy Vijay as Agent Veer Raghav of Raw Intelligence Agency. Also Vijay, Pooja Hegde, Selvaraghavan, Lilliput Faru who will also be seen in the film. Also, Yogi Babu will be seen in the lead role while The Beast Nelson is written and directed by Dilip Kumar.

Beast Movie is the story of a big mall in Chennai which is hijacked by terrorists, after which there is a sensation in the entire city and there is an atmosphere of fear among the general public and politicians as the minister’s family is also inside. Mall, but the twist in the story comes when it is revealed that Veer Raghav, one of the most dangerous and fearsome sections of RAW, is also accidentally trapped in the same mall.

Which is taken over by the terrorists, after which Veer Raghav tries to eliminate these terrorists in his own way to save the hostage trapped in the mall and succeeds in this attempt but the story does not end here. The story continues, now who is this villain and how does Veer Raghav catch this villain, you have to see in the film.
in last words
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