KGF Chapter Two storm European football club Man City

Doubt? Is “KGF Chapter Two,” a Kannada film from the south, sweeping India? Obviously not. In the United Kingdom, an identical proof was discovered. A week before its release, the film garnered Rs. 845 crore at the box office. Over the weekend, tens of thousands of residences may be passed.

Manchester City, a prominent football team in the United Kingdom, is the most recent victim of the KGF storm. This football club has decided to join the ranks of “KGF” supporters.

“Man City” is the nickname given to the club by its supporters. “Sky Blues” is another name for them. They posted a photo on Instagram. This is where three of this football club’s great players were spotted. Kevin de Bruyne, Ilkay Gundoan, and Phil Foden are three of the best players in the world. Man City’s own ‘KGF’ team is below them, with the first letter of their name. “Our own KGF!” reads the caption on this shot.

With “KGF,” the madness comes to a head. The fact that KGF is such a popular football club seemed to add to the enthusiasm among them. The post is now unavailable.

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