Should nelson or not sun pictures tell Rajini to make a decision?

Sun Pictures is said to be in the process of deciding whether to start the film with Nelson Dilip Kumar or direct another director.

The Beast, which was released amidst fan anticipation, was not well received. Many say that Nelson didn’t focus on the story because it was based solely on Vijay.

Also, moviegoers are wondering how the heroes can trust the next young director if the young director wastes the opportunity the great hero gives him. Against this backdrop, Rajinikanth’s next film is being produced by Sun Pictures under Nelson’s direction. Sun Pictures is set to return with Rajinikanth’s next film as Annathe, who previously produced Rajini, has also come under heavy criticism. But it has been reported that the outcome of the Beast movie has now seriously upset Sun Pictures. Sun Pictures is said to be considering letting Rajini decide whether to start the film with Nelson Dilip Kumar or helm another director.

At the same time, such reports are hoaxes. Although the Beast film was not critically acclaimed, it did nothing to detract from Sun Pictures’ collection.

So part of it says Nelson will direct the next movie as planned. Rajinikanth fans are hoping that Nelson Dileepkumar will focus on the story and script for the next movie anyway. Download Zee Hindustan Renderer now to get all kinds of Tamil news such as Education, Entertainment, Politics, Sports, Health, Lifestyle, Social, Jobs!

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