Thalapathy Vijay’s Beast will be available on Netflix On this date.

Thalapathy Vijay’s most recent feature, Beast, is due to premiere on Netflix. From May 11 onwards, the film will be available for streaming on the OTT platform. The picture, which was released on April 13, will be available for streaming in less than a month. Vijay’s Beast was well-received by his audience, but it was not well-received by reviewers. The film received mixed reviews upon its initial release. Despite stiff competition from Yash’s KGF 2, the film’s box office performance was unaffected by critics’ opinions, and it did well.

The film was released simultaneously in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, and Hindi, grossing Rs 200 crore within six days of its release. It was Vijay’s biggest release to date. Vijay’s first film with Pooja Hegde and her return to Tamil cinema was directed by Nelson Dilipkumar.

The Beast has reportedly generated over Rs 240 crores worldwide, according to sources. After Mersal, Sarkar, and Bigil, this will be Vijay’s fourth film to gross 250 crores. The Beast, according to’s Manoj Kumar, is “unapologetic fan service.”

In his two and a half star assessment, he wrote, “As Nelson crafts big star pictures without the conventional clichés, he seems to be building a set of his own clichés.” Take performers Redin Kingsley, Sunil Reddy, and Yogi Babu, for example. Even if they don’t serve the narration and are just time fillers, it appears that this group of performers is a must-have in a Nelson picture. To provide humorous relief, Nelson inserts these actors into the narration. It works on occasion, but with each subsequent film, this ploy appears to be wearing thin. Nelson may have also used this plot set-up to create a suspenseful thriller. Instead, he delivers an unabashed crowd-pleaser and a valuable service to Vijay’s core fan base. “

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