The elderly couple claimed that Dhanush was their child and a summons was sent to Dhanush

Dhanush, the South Indian superstar, does not appear to be leaving anything behind. He was in the news a few months ago because of his divorce with Aishwarya Rai. Dhanush was once again entangled in a judicial case six years ago. The Southern Star has been summoned by the Madras court.

Dhanush’s personal story is no less compelling than any Hollywood film. Catherine and Meenakshi, a Madurai-based elderly couple, claimed that Southern superstar Dhanush was their third child in 2016. They are the true ancestors of this southern celebrity. The elderly couple had filed a complaint with the Melur Magistrate’s Court in Tamil Nadu’s Madurai district. Dhanush, on the other hand, claimed that their assertion was entirely false. As for his parents, he presented Tamil film director Kasturi Raja and Vijayalakshmi. They also provided the birth certificate to the court as proof. Dhanush Madurai used a court order to conduct a “paternity test” to determine whether the couple had children. That test report revealed nothing specific.

All other reports, including Dhanush’s paternity, are untrue, according to Cathyreson and Meenakshi. The elderly couple said Dhanush allegedly used his clout to file a forged medical report. The Melur Magistrate’s Court dismissed their claims in 2020. Dhanush thus won the case. However, this southern star was once again engaged in the same instance. The couple from Madurai has now moved to the Madras court.

Dhanush is claimed to be the child of Cathyreson and Meenakshi. They claim that while Dhanush was in Class XI, he ran away from home and traveled to Chennai to perform. From a young age, he aspired to be an actor. Since then, the Madurai couple claim they have had no communication with Dhanush. They were unable to locate their child despite extensive searches.

Dhanush, the elderly couple’s long-lost child, is eventually found on the silver screen. After that, they proceeded to Dhanush’s house to meet their long-lost child. Dhanush, on the other hand, refuses to meet the elderly couple. Finally, Cathyreson and Meenakshi knocked on the court’s door. The couple said they were in financial distress. As a result, they have demanded Rs. 75, 000 from Dhanush.

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